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Well. That's me. I'm a sheep 8D With dark circles around the eyes. And with a hat. And short legs 8D.

GO AND VISIT MY BLOG! There are so many more pics there :D

Or follow my tumblr:
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I recently had a little chat with someone 'bout one of my pictures, and that one ended up telling me to just take some criticism once in a while, and that made me really angry.

The thing is, I love criticism on my pictures. I think it's pretty sad that the "critique requested" option is only avaliable to premium members, and that people rarely give criticism (or critical comments) in general. So at first, I was pretty happy that someone said something critical about one of my pics.

But it turned out to be about how women mostly have wider hips than shoulders, and that's fucking bullshit. Yes, women have wider hips than most men. Yes, most men develop wider shoulders than women. But that idea, that women have wider hips than shoulders is so ...... no. Just no. That might be a common thing in comic culture, but it has nothing to do with reality*.

Sadly it didn't end there. The next thing was, that the commentator had to point out that this "unideal" shoulder-hip ratio was apparently so masculine, that not even long hair and a dress could "balance out" the picture to the feminine ideal.
Seriously, what the fuck?
Would that dude go up to a woman in the street and tell her she's not feminine if she has broad shoulders? Or short hair? I guess he wouldn't bc that's fucking offensive.

What is this "feminine ideal" even? Long hair, dresses, a wasp waist, big boobs and long legs? Well sorry, I'm not drawing Barbie fanart, and not even she has the shoulder/hip ratio that dude wanted my pic to have. And that would even clash with people who have a different feminine ideal, let it be chubbiness, apple sized boobs, small thighs, thick thighs, thigh gaps, frilly dresses, suit and tie, heels, flats, or anything fucking else you like to see on a woman.

The thing is, art dosen't have to resemble any kind of femininity or masculinity**.
Otherwise, trying to tell people they have to draw men and women in a certain way is mainly one thing: Sexist.

So, if you spot some errors in my pictures, please go ahead. I can always use criticism on my drawings regarding anatomy, perspective, layout, color, light, and any in-picture-errors like holding a thing in a wrong way, having the wrong stand in a fighting pose or anything else. Even suggestions if you like something not and would replace it with something else are fine.

Just don't try to tell me I have to draw according to your ideas of femininity or masculinity.
Because I have my own.

*I'm well aware that of course a certain percentage of women have wider hips than shoulders, but it's not even close as common as it's presented.

**unless the artist clearly states that they want to be judged in a certain way, like "I drew this as a homage to Peter Paul Rubens, what do you think?"


The faceless girl #3 by Nakimon
The faceless girl #3
Third  pic of my OC ~ the faceless girl. I wanted a calm atmosphere but not the sunny-summersday-relaxed kind, so it's quite cloudy and dark for midday but hey. The reflection was great fun to make, I want to draw more stuff like this! :la:

Visit my blog and my tumblr too! :woohoo:

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